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How to Book Artist on Skobe ?

1. Select your category

Select from 10+ domains of artists which suits your particular event from Music to DJ.

2. Find your best match

Locate through the profiles of artists and book the one whom you like.

3. Schedule with us

Drop off your details and we'll come up with the best package to you that fits in your pocket.

4. Relax and Enjoy

Just sit down with your loved ones and let the entertainment roll in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Skobe is all about?

Skobe is an online marketplace for skill artists, we connect all the budding and high potential artists with opportunities to perform and make money and on the other hand we create vibes at events with our artist performing.

How does Skobe help artists grow?

Any artist from any particular skill domain can get himself/herself registered on our website and prepare his/her great listing. Skobe team then will go through the required parameters, if they all deem fit, the listing gets approved and the artist gets into a whatsapp community of Skill artists.

Wherein the artist has all the freedom to share his content, collab with other artists and grow

Where does Skobe operate on an offline basis as of now?

Skobe only operates in Delhi premises for offline events.

What is the price range of artists?

You can easily book an artist for a duration of 1 hr within a range of 2000-20000 INR.

(Depending upon the experience that the artist holds)

Not able to register yourself on the website?

No need to panic, try following this given link below-

What is Skill-story all about?

Skill story is Skobe’s media and blog channel wherein we post inspiring stories of artists, we put down Skill podcasts and share Skill hacks and Skill facts with an ultimate goal to promote Skill Industry.