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I am a Vocalist, Keyboardist, Guitarist and Music Producer, arranger and composer. Being a well ear-trained musician, I have been performing since the age of five. From School and family functions to Live Concerts, I am gaining experience in the music and entertainment industry. I was trained by my Grandfather and Father, who were also stage singers in their 20s. And my Music Teachers in school, who discovered my talent and polished it.

From 2014, with the name “Symphonia", I have performed with many bands and artists across Chandigarh, and gained recognition as a good vocalist and a keyboardist. In 2017, I performed with Prabh Gill (Singer) as his Keyboardist. While performing solo, many listeners loved my voice and also invited me to perform in their family and official gatherings. Earlier I and my friend (Manmohan, Later Rajat), used to perform as an Acoustic Duo. My best performance was in 2016 as a Duo, in an Open Mic Event (Bring Your Soul Out), which took place in Park Plaza, Chandigarh. When I finished singing “Phir Se Ud Chala“, a listener came to me “crying" and said it was the best voice I heard in in my life, Live!

We (I and Manmohan) split in 2018. Now Manmohan has his own band, and Rajat (2019), is preparing for govt. exams. And I, currently work as a Solo Artist, and as a Audio Producer in Radio Mirchi.

I love to perform Bollywood, Sufi and Folk music. I have also worked on a few covers of songs I like and posted it on my YouTube Channel. I do not have much videos, though! But I believe that Quality showcases the content and Talent better, than Quantity…



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